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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sorry to be away for so long, but we've been moving from Illinois to Texas.....and we're finally here, with all our boxes, in San Antonio. Yea!!

In the meantime, (cue trumpet fanfare), I am honored to announce that the bracelet I created for the Spring Beads4You Challenge won the Anything Goes Category. This challenge is twice a year on Etsy, and a given set of beads is used by entrants to create whatever, and the resulting creations are judged by an outside judge. For this challenge, the judge was jewelry artist/author Tammy Powley. The Anything Goes Category is for entries that use either items in addition to the bead set supplied, or multiple sets of beads. I used two sets for this bracelet, hence its category. The other category is Only the Beads. Self explanantory, I would say.

Winner for the Only the Beads Category is an especially lovely three-tiered necklace by LavaJewelry

All the entries can be seen on Flickr

I'm very proud of this bracelet as it really stretched my technical and design abilities, and I'm very honored to have it win the competition. You can read more about the bracelet and see more pictures in my Etsy shop


Lesley said...

Hey, just doing my sporadic blogs check today, and ta-da! You just updated! Boy am I good. Hey, congratulations on winning the contest for that piece. It's very pretty. Have fun in San Antonio...and when y'all get to looking at house spots, make sure you're on the top of a hill...I hear S.A.'s where the latest flooding is.

thatsheadley said...

thanks for stopping by Lesley. It
**had** been a long time since I updated with the move and all. I wish I had time to check up on everyone else's too - soon!!

davemaz said...

. . . and the flooding continues. Meanwhile, I'm safe in Thailand and Ginny's back in SAN trying to keep the rats from seeking higher ground. Nice job - and nice job on the web site. Doing my periodic sweep through web sites to make sure I provide unsolicited comments on all. Seeya Monday!