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Friday, November 21, 2008

What a great first day!

I started my new shop today, and right off the bat got three sales - woohoo! As I mentioned before, prices in this shop are set to MOVE some stuff, so it's not like I made a lot of money, but how sweet it is to have a sale...doing the happy dance!

So you know more of what I've added to Ginny's Veranda, here's a mini from the shop:

Drop by and "set" a spell. Who knows what you might find, as I've got lots more in that closet to bring out.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A New Alias

I'm starting a new endeavor on Etsy, much to my husband's delight, who has insisted on a reduction in my "stuff" footprint for some time now. Beginning very soon, I will have an additional shop on Etsy to destash my vintage and antique collection of small items such as textiles, jewelry, pottery, ceramics, paper ephemera....and just cool stuff that I could never throw away, but never quite found a place in our home. If hubby has a hand in this, some of the things that did find a way into our decor may be finding a way out, too.

My new shop will be named "Ginny's Veranda" and this post brings you a sneak peak of some of the treasures soon to be listed, and priced to SELL. Stay tuned.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Artisan Jewelry Holiday Extravaganza

Hey! I'm on YouTube!

Many thanks to Etsy artisan MonaJewels of Bellaire, Texas, who pulled together a wonderful collection of jewelry artisans to celebrate the season. She chose two pieces of mine to include.

Mona host's an on-line radio talk show for independent jewelry designers at called THE JEWELRY CONNECTION -broadcasting every Sunday afternoon at 12:00PM PST, 2:00PM CST, 3:00PM EST. Starting on the 23rd of November, she'll be hosting a holiday jewelry show, exhibiting each designer's work individually and promoting the videos in her broadcast room. There will be Christmas music playing in the broadcast room starting on the 23rd that will continue throughout the holidays to promote all of the artists. On the 23rd she'll be offering a drawing for door prizes so it will be a "Holiday Event" and a celebration of artisans and their Christmas Muse!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Maybe it's my heritage

....but I have definitely fallen in love with vintage German beads! I was minding my own business in a bead shop the other day (yeah, right, Ginny, we all know what that means - you were cruising to fall in love with yet more beads!), when I came across this stunning display of the most yummy colors imaginable. They were all vintage beads from Germany and Czechoslovakia from the 1940s and 1950s, and the colors were really what caught my eye first, and then I noticed all the crazy and fabulous shapes. I could not resist, as the prices were quite affordable as well. Now, I did not go absolutely crazy, and only bought enough for just a few pieces, the bracelet above being one. We'll see if others like the pieces I post well enough to buy....then I can buy some more!

I was wondering why these little beauties appealed to my eye so much, and then I ran across this web article by Dara Spiotto on The Beadin' Path which talks about the colors of vintage beads, and all became clear. Or colorful, the case turns out to be.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Christmas Shopping for the Science Geek in Your Life

Being the quintessential science geek/nerd/dork, I know that those of us who actually own up to that designation can be quite difficult to find gifts for come the holiday gift-giving season. On Etsy, there is a bona fide "Geekery" section, devoted to all things quirky, and it even has a "science" subcategory. A quick perusal brought forth these lovely little gems, most fit for a stocking at least, and definitely all good for at least a smile.

Featured are the following items from Etsy sellers:
Science Nerd Badge from Claire Payne
Red Wine Molecule from Molecular Muse
Yes I know most people do not love rats..... from Gwynstone Originals
Robot Tissue Box from Spaceboyjordo
C-3PO Mouse from The House of Mouse
S. pneumoniae Necklace from Arctida
Don't Blame Me Magnets from RadPanda
The Ultimate Answer Pendant from such pretty colors
Metallic Blue Gems from bugman58
Microscope Necklace from Ball and Chain
Famous Scientists Finger Puppets from Scientific Culture
Calculus Crow Letter Set from colespic
Cuddly Chromosomes from Fur Will Fly
Fossil Ammonite Necklace from North Star Jewelry
Evaporation T-shirt from lkyoto
Cellular Science from electricboogaloo

My personal favs are those famous scientist finger puppets - they even included Rosalind Franklin!