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Friday, November 07, 2008

Christmas Shopping for the Science Geek in Your Life

Being the quintessential science geek/nerd/dork, I know that those of us who actually own up to that designation can be quite difficult to find gifts for come the holiday gift-giving season. On Etsy, there is a bona fide "Geekery" section, devoted to all things quirky, and it even has a "science" subcategory. A quick perusal brought forth these lovely little gems, most fit for a stocking at least, and definitely all good for at least a smile.

Featured are the following items from Etsy sellers:
Science Nerd Badge from Claire Payne
Red Wine Molecule from Molecular Muse
Yes I know most people do not love rats..... from Gwynstone Originals
Robot Tissue Box from Spaceboyjordo
C-3PO Mouse from The House of Mouse
S. pneumoniae Necklace from Arctida
Don't Blame Me Magnets from RadPanda
The Ultimate Answer Pendant from such pretty colors
Metallic Blue Gems from bugman58
Microscope Necklace from Ball and Chain
Famous Scientists Finger Puppets from Scientific Culture
Calculus Crow Letter Set from colespic
Cuddly Chromosomes from Fur Will Fly
Fossil Ammonite Necklace from North Star Jewelry
Evaporation T-shirt from lkyoto
Cellular Science from electricboogaloo

My personal favs are those famous scientist finger puppets - they even included Rosalind Franklin!


erin said...

Those are great..."this little scientist went to the lab, this little scientist came home..."

that's Headley! Jewelry Designs said...

this little scientist made X-rays, and this little scientist went boom! Hey - I think we may have started a new trend!

Arctida said...

What a cool collection! Science rules! Thank you so much for a feature :)

that's Headley! Jewelry Designs said...

Thanks Arctida - I just love your streptococcal necklace!