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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Flashback Happens

Moving this past summer, I came across a box of "old" vinyl LPs. Man, I loved that music! I belonged to Columbia House Records, and managed to forget to return with a "Don't Send" only a couple of times, meaning the records are all pretty much ones I wanted in the first place. Steely Dan, Billy Joel, Dan Fogelberg, Chicago.... I wonder if they're all warped to heck from storage? Without a turntable - how can I know?

I do know that if I ever figure that out and the answer is "Yes, these records are all toast," then I'm sending the jackets over to the Etsy artist Revinylized. In the most clever of recycle-reuse, she takes the awesome artwork that was standard issue for LP jackets and transforms them into items of purpose, like sketchbooks, organizers and purses. So awesome.

Revinylized is actually a "side" shop to the main shop for the artist behind all this craftiness: Katie from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Katie's main shop is Knuckletoes, and she also sells her jewelry, clothing and purses at Folk Festivals in her area. She carries the theme of recycle-reuse by also making her clothing and purses out of recycled materials. Anything from tablecloths, to pillowcases, to reused LP record covers. This not only gives her items a vintage feel, but it helps the environment. What more do you need?

Katie features other indie artists at her Revinylized blog, and her life at her Knuckletoes blog. Now, off to look into finding a turntable for a chance to revisit my youth......

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