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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A New Treasury!

My Five Peas in a Pod earrings made it to an Etsy Treasury today! It is always an honor for someone to select one of your items to showcase. These are the collections that are selected to be on the Front Page of Etsy when they are especially beautiful. If you've never visited Etsy, you may wonder what that means, so I'll give you the bottom line - FREE ADVERTISING when it happens. you see, when it happens, thousands of people see your item. So thank you, chuletindesigns for including me in your selections.

This particular Treasury is funky enough that it might just make it. Probably because of that strange little doll. A bit creepy, don't you think? In general, Treasuries that are selected for the Front Page are considered the creme de la creme.

To my knowledge, I've never been on the Front Page. Maybe someday.

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