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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's a Beadiful Day!

There are oodles of jewelry artisans on Etsy, providing limitless opportunities for personal adornment. Most often (like me) they create standard jewelry items of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, yadayadayada.... how mundane! Whilst perusing the artisan creations of C Serpent Designs and all the beautiful jewelry to be found there, I was drawn instead to her wonderful and whimsical "whole lot more". She uses her eye for color and fabulous beadery to create pieces to add the delight of beads to items in your life besides your ears, necks, and wrists. Like phone charms, barrettes, brooches, bookmarks, letter openers....the list goes on.

Susan, the artist behind C Serpent, was nicknamed "Sea Serpent" by her husband following a scuba trip, and has been making jewelry for friends and family as well as selling in a gallery in La Jolla, CA, for four years. She is inspired by all the gorgeous lampwork glass beads she has found on Etsy and other sites, and also works in semi-precious gemstones.

Her enjoyment and excitement in the creative process shows in the beauty and balance of her work, and I just love the way she expands that creativity beyond jewelry. Which isn't to say you should neglect checking out her jewelry! Visit it all at C Serpent Designs, and find out more about Susan and her work in her blog, and have a beadiful day!

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cserpentDesigns said...

Thanks so much! Love the spin you took on it!