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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Game On!

Lauren, the Etsy artist behind Lost Mitten, is a self-proclaimed, major video game addict, from prehistoric Nintendo to present-day Wii. Living in Brantford, Ontario, Canada she has been creating handcrafted items for her Etsy shop since September 2006.

In addition to her love of video games, Lauren's talents are so diverse that she includes in her loves knitting and crochet! She also loves to create journals and other paper goods, as well as needlepoint, acrylic felt creations, pinback buttons, and jewelry. There seriously has to be something for literally everybody in her shop. Especially those looking to appease their inner geek. And who doesn't have an inner geek? Okay, maybe those with outer geeks, but you know who you are. Check out Lost Mitten, and her blog, and get your game on.

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