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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Spark your creativity

One of the neat things about Etsy is the number of vendors on the site that cater to the new crafters' love of vintage and repurposing of old into new. There are many artists that use the vintage items as part of their new art, and others just love to have the vintage items in their environment. Being of a certain "vintage" myself, sometimes I find things for sale from my own childhood - LOL! Creative Sundries has a shop just chock-full of vintage ephemera, cookbooks, sewing patterns, jewelry, and collage art and repurposed items - all of that certain "age."

This fun little plastic tray from American Airlines has been altered through decoupage and the addition of an authentic Mexican loteria card - perfect for your keys, don't you think? Or maybe change you're saving for a "rainy" day?

Vintage on Etsy is about taking the old and making the new.....what could you do with this funky image from a newspaper ad for a pharmacy? Insert it into a collage perhaps? But you should see what's on back of this original newspaper ad - perhaps an even more compelling image to work with. But you'll have to click on the pic to get to the listing to see for yourself!

So Etsy is not only your one-stop-shop for all things handmade, but also a treasure trove for materials and inspiration. Come check out what the Minnesota mother-daughter team of Creative Sundries is doing with vintage, and read more on their blog.

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creativesundries said...

Thank you so much, Headley, for the awesome and thoughtful feature!

Sarah :-)