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Friday, November 02, 2007

Dundas Down Under

Etsy glass artist, Anne Dundas from Sydney, Australia discovered beading in 2004, and the discovery sparked her imagination and began a passion in her life. From beading she moved into the wonderfully colorful and magical world of lampworking, and now makes luminous glass creations to make you drool. As you may remember from my features on Ginger Black and Studio Marcy, I have nothing but awe and admiration for those who wield the torch on molten glass. How DO they DO that?!?!

When not creating lampwork beads or crafting jewelry ("jewellery" Down Under), she is the caregiver for her mother who has MS and designs business cards for other jewelry artists. She professes the view that beading and the beading community she has found since beginning her journey in 2004 to have truly enriched her life. I feel fortunate that I, too, have been introduced to Anne Dundas Handcrafted Jewellery and Lampwork Beads, and all the wonderful pretties that can found therein. Check out her shop for yourself, and take some time to visit her blog where she shares her creative process.

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