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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sweet Kitties

I have a kindred spirit at Etsy: at this very moment, as I attempt to type these words, I have the sweetest, but most obnoxious kitty kneading me and telling me how much she would love some loving, but I've got this blog to write! My kindred spirit is the artist behind Sweet Irie - named for her kitten, Irie. The kitten's name means "supreme joy": quite fitting because she is the light of the life and the inspiration for the jewelry in Sweet Irie's shop, as the cat also likes to help her in her work just like my Stella is trying to help me right now! Although we both have to admit, neither cat is much help! At one time her kitty loved to play with the jewelry and balls of hemp that Sweet Irie once used in her craft; stringing it all over the house. Needless to say, she now has had her own stash of 'toys' provided to lie around. Just as well, as Sweet Irie has since moved on from making hemp jewelry and now creates the beautiful handmade beaded designs you see here and throughout her store.

Sweet Irie is an art student going to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. When not doing school work, she spends time with her family, many animals, church, and making jewelry. Once she graduates, Disney better watch out, 'cuz here comes Sweet Irie! Click on any image in the montage above, visit Sweet Irie's shop, where she is having a great sale by the way, or check out her blog. Now, Stella - let me get some work done!

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Giftbearer said...

Cute feature. (This makes me want to have a cat again, but I bet it would make a huge mess of my supplies).

She has some really neat jewelry.