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Friday, October 12, 2007

Compliment Bait

*Chainmaille and Artisan Sterling Silver Jewelry with Gemstone Accents*

The designs by Etsy artist Lunachick combine quality materials, including natural gems, precious metals, crystal and organics such as pearls, amber and shell, to make for a truly unique wearing experience. Her shop offers lots (count em...LOTS) of one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry pieces. From bracelets to chokers, earrings to necklaces, she's got something to please just about everyone who visits (and shops!) there.

Abbi makes a point to use the most unique gemstones she can get her hands on: unique colors, cuts...the more unusual the better! She specializes in chainmaille and sterling silver wirework designs with gemstone accents.

Her design goals include a desire to bring about a positive change in mood to the wearer, and she believes that jewelry should be expressive and bring attention and compliments. Who doesn't love a compliment, for cryin' out loud???!!!

Don't see what you're lookin' for? Custom work is available at no extra cost, and inquiries are more than welcome. Take a trip over to her shop or blog, and get to know Lunachick even better.


creativesundries said...

Cool post! Lunachick's work is awesome!

creativesundries said...

Forgot to add: headley, the title "Compliment Bate" is great!!

Becki said...

Her work is amaizing!