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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Elastic Zucchini

I must confess, I am clueless as to why the shop of Etsy artist Ren Adams is named Plastic Pumpkin (hence the tongue-in-cheek title of this post). Now, an explanation is given in the PlasticPumpkin blog, and I do get the quirky and fun part and how that ties into the art. What Ren does offer is fun, and it is also philosophical, and intriguing: artwork and crafts for the discerning (and playful) collector. Ren works in a variety of media: mixed media assemblages, pencil, marker, acrylic, Chinese brush painting, watercolor, oil pastel, pen & ink, etc., finding something special and engaging about each artistic method and taking every medium seriously. Plastic pumpkins? Nowhere in sight. Only beauty everywhere you look. Memorable name, though...method in the madness?

In the words of Ren Adams: "About Ren Adams"
I've been doing artwork my entire life (even scribbled in my own baby book) and for me, it's more than a "hobby" or "job" it's a state of mind and a fulfilling pathway. I can't NOT do it. I simply must. If I'm not drawing, painting, or otherwise expressing myself (however badly), I'm not in harmony with everything around me.

Art is a sensation, a sense of humor, a sense of elation, a tantalizing window... it's pure energy, pure thought, and pure darkness, and pure light.

I explore themes, people, and places that intrigue me...

I'm also a Taoist and a lot of my artwork reflects my spiritual pathway (the art of compassion, simplicity, and patience). I practice Qi Gong meditation and enjoy artists who aren't afraid to be themselves.
The art of Plastic Pumpkin Designs has heart, as well, and as would be expected from an artist who creates through spirituality. In support of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Ren donates 50% of the proceeds from the sales of certain pieces in the EtsyPink section of the shop.

So take some time out of your day for a look at intriguing, beautiful art in a shop who's name you're not likely to forget. Also, for more detailed information about this Albuquerque, NM artist, check out the website.

Maybe I'll start a band under Elastic Zucchini, if it's not taken already.

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