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Monday, October 22, 2007

Mark this!

Hallmark better pay close attention to the indie paper market out here in cyberland. With artists like Etsy's Earmark Invitations, the bar for modern, witty, crisp, clean paper goods is getting set pretty high. Wonderful graphics set the tone for fully customizable invites, greetings, journals, you name it. Establishing a name for themselves with a feature at the Sundance Festival in January 2007, the folks at Earmark got to hobnob with the celebs at the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge and show off their wares. In September 2007, Bridal Guide Magazine featured their customizable chocolate bars for weddings. Sweet!

Their motto is simple - "Paperie goodness for you". With a total dedication to customer satsifaction, they aim to "create happiness" with their products. So the next time you're tempted to send out an email to friends for the next soiree, maybe it's time to reconsider the "old-fashioned" excitement of receiving honest-to-goodness mail, and handcrafted paper invites at that. How classy, and with Earmark, how modern at the same time. You can see their beautiful happiness-creating goods at their website, too, and keep up with all their doings through their blog. Happy correspondence, y'all!

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