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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ode to the Etsy Challenger

Pippit Carlington, the instigator of all this Etsy-artist-90-day-blogging, also the beloved leader of the Art Jewelry Collective of which I am also a member, is a jewelry artist that describes her style as "contemporary tribal." Her organic aesthetic is a direct result of her diverse heritage of Iroquois, Hawaiian, Russian Jewish and French Canadian and her love of nature. Not content to only create beauty (which she does in spades), she also incorporates her social and political interests to inform her pieces to educate the observer. A formally trained artist, Pippit received her art education at Callenwolde Center for the Arts, The Atlanta College of Art, and Atlanta Jeweler's School and Studios. In addition to her jewelry, she works also in acrylics, watercolor, drawing, and clay sculpture, and has shown at numerous shows and galleries.

Diversity is not only in her background, but in her work as well, with something for all styles and perspectives in her shop at Etsy, Giftbearer. From classic simplicity as in the braided gold ring above, to modern ethnographic like the Many Muses Gemstone Hearts necklace also shown.

One of my favorites is her Fall Finery necklace featuring carnelian. Yummy. So many pretties - check out her blog, too, if you get the chance.


creativesundries said...

Great feature! Pippit's work is awesome. I'm so glad she's got us all blogging! :-)


Giftbearer said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful feature!