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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Crafty Mama

Becki, a stay-at-home-mom, started making jewelry about 5 years ago when she was trying to work from home. She ordered an earring making kit and worked on them for weeks. A little light came on, and she said to herself, "Why am I only doing earrings?" She went to her first bead store and well, the rest is history. Her style and techniques have blossomed over the years, and she opened her Etsy shop, Entyqua (Becki's Designs) in January 2007. She has several items currently in stock, and she adds more all the time.

The jewelry at Entyqua caters to the plus-size wearer, but Becki does custom orders as well, and can size most pieces either smaller or larger at request. She makes both costume and genuine stone/metal jewelry, as well as finished jewelry boxes, cards, and other paper crafts. Coming soon, she will be doing clothing as well! That is one crafty lady!

She use a lot of natural stones and beads for her creations, and she says her favorites are wood and gemstones. She also loves to use pearls, whether they are freshwater or faux pearls, as she says they "have a very elegant feel to them and always and a touch of class to every piece they are used in!"

For her finished jewelry boxes, she loves to take something ordinary like a plain, unfinished wooden box and make it dazzle. They are one of her favorites of all her hobbies. She likes that they come to her from a craft store plain, dull, and wood-colored, and end up with color, flair and style. What a transformation!

For more information on all of Becki's crafty hobbies, have a visit to her blog!

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