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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Do you believe in magic?

In a young girl's heart.......Okay, now that I've got you singing - haha - let me tell you about an Etsy artist for whom the rocks sing and make a magic all their own.

Beth Alexander of Cryztalvisions is lucky to be blessed by winning the genetic lottery of coming from a long line of artistic souls. Beth's influences include her father who was an artist and art teacher, and her great grandmother who had a fantastic eye for detail and could paint tiny pictures small enough to fit on a thimble. Luckily her great grandmother left a legacy of oil paintings for Beth to treasure always.

As you know, I am a self-confessed pretty rock addict, and Beth, too has been fascinated by crystals and stones for as long as she can remember. A jewelry artist for over 20 years, she is still excited by the process, learning new techniques, and pushing the boundaries of her creativity. She has been drawn along the way to studying and practicing various energy healing arts, like Reiki, chakra balancing, Earth based energy medicine, shamanic practices, and Angel Therapy. She has found combining her love of minerals, her artistic eye and skill in jewelry fabrication and design, along with her heightened sensitivity to energies creates a powerful synergy. I find her jewelry creations in silver, like this Tree of Life piece in fine silver, especially wonderful.

She finds that she loves to immerse herself in the creative process, and is fascinated when some pieces seem to magically design themselves. I know just how that feels. Some of my most favorite creations seemed to create themselves, too - it must be those pretty rocks!

It is Beth's hope that you will find a very special piece her creations that speaks to your heart. So be sure to drop by her Etsy shop, her website or her blog to find out more about these magical pieces of beauty in stone and precious metals. You can find out, too, what's up with that "Z" in "Cryztalvisions"!

May Good Fortune find you today!

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