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Friday, October 05, 2007

Visions of Paradise

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Let me introduce you to Kareen Kjelstrom, an Etsy glass artist who decribes herself as a simple girl with dreams of being a jewelry designer in Paris. She has her life there, now, making jewelry and trying to break into the scene. Inspired by life experiences and daily beauty in Paris, she loves travel and adventure which create for her a wide canvas from which to dream and imagine new designs.

Handcrafted jewelry designs are her specialty. Kareen uses a high temperature propane/oxygen torch and fine Italian (Effetre) glass to make unique beads, then uses those beads in hand created sterling silver pieces. All her beads are made free-hand, without a mold, and all beads are kiln fired for strength and durability. Oh, and all her beads are unbelievable gorgeous!

Previous to Paris, Kareen lived in Santa Monica, and her jewelry and she were featured on HGTV's Crafters Coast to Coast. A TV star!

Her mother is from Tahiti, so you will find that many of her pieces include blues and greens....which she describes as coming nowhere close to the intensity of the colors in paradise. I would disagree, but then I've never been to Tahiti. If her beads are any indication as to its beauty, then it truly must be paradise.

I asked her "What do you love about your creations?"....."I love to wear my jewelry. And, I love that each piece is unique and made by my two hands. I love that it is impossible to duplicate any of my beads, even if I tried."

I'll bet you'll love her creations, too, so check them out at her Etsy shop or website, and take a visit to her blog to learn more about her.

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